Long pants and boots? I don’t even know who I am anymore!

After almost an entire year of avoiding truly chilly weather, I am taking a leap into the cold (well, very cool, anyway) as I head to the South Island of New Zealand this upcoming week! I am honored to have been invited to this year’s Single Fin Mingle, a traditional longboard contest in Sumner, which is just outside of Christchurch. Christchurch is only a five-hour plane ride north of Antarctica, so my friend’s warnings to pack warm clothing are definitely not being taken lightly!

While that crisp Autumnal feeling has not hit my geographic coordinates whatsoever (yep, still in the mid-80s every day), it certainly is on in full force down in New Zealand. The water temperature has dropped to around 61, and the air is ranging from about 45 to 65... Of course, that’s not at all frigid, but my tropically-conditioned self will definitely be shivering!

As many of you San Diegans know, visiting colder weather can be very exciting for our wardrobes, because it means we get to bust out those fun items of clothing that we keep tucked away most of the year, such as pants, jackets, and well, closed toe shoes. I used this upcoming adventure as an excuse to buy a new pair of jeans, and I am genuinely looking forward to being able to wear them paired with a jacket without sweating profusely. I can’t say that I am as thrilled for the water temperature however, as I have gotten so used to the mobility that wearing just a swimsuit provides in the comfortable waters of Byron Bay. I know, I know, I am so spoiled! At least my wetsuit will finally be getting some use.

This week will be one for the books, and I can’t wait to explore a new country, even if it means putting a pause on my semi-endless summer.