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Longboard Surfboards

Longboard Surfboards

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Wave Range: 2 ft. - Overhead

Wave Type: Beach Break, Points, User Friendly Waves

Fin Setup: Single Fin/Thruster/Quad

Best in Class: Mitsven, Stewart, Takayama, Hansen, Bill Shrosbree

Longboarding seems so simple but there are so many different things you can do with it and so many different waves and ways you can ride.”

-Jared Mell

There is something that will always be classically cool about trimming a high line…..toes perched precariously while racing across a smooth crystalline wall. Since the inception of surfing on the West Coast, longboards have had a prominent place in California’s lineups, and are still the board of choice for many of today’s most exciting surfers.

Longboards offer a different approach to surfing than their shortboard contemporaries. While shortboards encourage vertical surfing by driving off the bottom and require users to surf off of their back foot, longboards are primarily used to trim and can be surfed from nose to tail.

Although there are many high performance and stylish longboarders, longboards tend to be extremely user friendly in both the surfability and paddling department. Longboards also tend to be the board of choice for many surfers when the waves are below waist high, as the right longboard can make even the most dismal swells enjoyable.

Hansen’s history has largely been defined by the production of some of the best selling longboard models in the world. Don Hansen has become known as a world-renowned surfboard shaper and learned from icons such as Jack O’Neill and Hobie Alter. After a brief stint in Hawaii, Don moved to Cardiff, California to begin producing surfboards, which eventually led to the establishment of Hansen’s retail store.

Hansen’s has a number of longboards and our experienced and friendly staff is here to help you find the perfect board to take your surfing to the next level.

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