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Mens Rashguards

Are you looking for high quality men's rashguards? Hansen Surf has a large selection of high quality Men’s Rashguards for you to choose from. Whether you are going to the Skate Park, the beach, or climbing a mountain, you will find a rashguard to suit your body type, color taste, and style.

All Hansen Surf Men’s Rashguards come with free shipping when your order is more than $50. Hansen's men's rashguards are made of either spandex, nylon, or polyester, which makes them comfortable to wear. They are also designed to shield you from the damaging sunrays, harsh ocean conditions, and uncomfortable chafing.

Our rashguards offer three main benefits:

Rash Prevention – the main purpose of a rash guards is to protect you from the abrasions caused by sand and waxy residue on surfboards. In addition, rashguards can protect your children from the sea sand. 

Act As Sea Armor – regardless of how warm it feels when you are sitting on the shore, it is always cold under water. A rash guard is a good alternative when the weather is too warm for a full wetsuit. In addition, it serves as a defense against foreign sea particles. This means that a rash guard helps to keep your body warm and keep the ocean scraps out.

Sunburn Protection– our rashguards are designed to add extra coverage to you basic swimwear in order to prevent sunburns. They are manufactured with Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF), which protects your skin from sunburns.

Order Our Quality Mens Rashguards Mens Lycra

We have a rash guard to fit your style whether you need a short, long or a sleeveless one. Order our  high quality men's lycra rashguards today.