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Mens Fullsuits

For the vast majority of the year, water temps in Southern California are moderately cool, often requiring a fullsuit for enjoyable surf sessions. The most common wetsuit worn by San Diego surfers is a 3/2 fullsuit, however thicker suits such as a 4/3 or 5/4 may be needed in chillier winter conditions.

Wetsuits are generally categorized by thickness, meaning that when you buy a 3/2, you are purchasing a wetsuit that has 3mm of neoprene in the chest or core area and 2mm of neoprene in the arms and legs. This offers you maximized core warmth while still allowing for optimal flexibility, so you can stay warm and still get radical. That same formula applies to other men’s fullsuits as well - essentially the higher the number, the more material and the warmer the wetsuit.

For San Diego’s mostly moderate water temps, a 3/2 fullsuit can be a great option for anyone that is looking to purchase one suit which can handle most conditions. For more advanced surfers who are in the water year-round, having a 4/3, a 3/2 and a men's wetsuit top or vest in your collection is ideal for handling any water temperature along the Southern California coastline.

Hansen’s specializes in helping you choose the right fullsuit for your needs. From our wetsuit buyer’s guide to our professional and knowledgeable staff, it is our goal to get you into a wetsuit that will keep you both warm and comfortable. We carry a number of fullsuits from top surf brands Rip Curl, Xcel and O’Neill to fit any budget or performance requirements.

Whether you’re planning on surfing, stand up paddling, or body surfing in San Diego, a high quality men’s fullsuit is a must have, and we will help you find a wetsuit that can maximize your stoke. If you’re an ocean enthusiast or just learning to shred, let us help guide you in buying the right fullsuit.