Roman Gymnasts, Bombs, and Bikinis: The Creation Story

You might have heard that the bikini was invented in the 1950s and named after the nuclear weapons testing done at the Pikinni Atoll in the Pacific Ocean (also referred to as “Bikini Atoll”). The designer hoped that his creation would have the same “explosive” effect as the weapons they were testing there. However, few people ever give credit to the fourth century Romans, who depicted female gymnasts wearing tightly wrapped bandeaus and revealing bottoms while practicing ancient sports. Perhaps these were the two-pieces of ancient times. These days, bikinis can possess both aesthetic and functional qualities, like this cute and comfy option from Rip Curl.

Tankini, Mankini, or Cossie: The Name Game

After the bikini gained popularity in the 1960s, swimwear manufacturers started using the suffix “kini” to describe a variety of styles of swimwear, including the “tankini” (a two-piece swimsuit in which the top half is a tank top), and the “mankini”, a tight-fitting men’s bottom. In the United Kingdom, bikinis are called a “swimming costume”. In Australia, this is abbreviated to “cossie.” Whatever, you choose to call it, this reversible top from Rip Curl brings a functionality and cute design that needs no translation.

A Bikini for Every Occasion: The Options Are Endless

If you live in a warm, coastal climate, or spend a lot of time in the water, chances are that you wear a bikini all year round. Surfers might want to consider going for a sporty, wireless top like this one from Rip Curl that will stay put through the waves while giving you the comfortable support you need. If you’re buying a new suit for your dreamy beach vacation or honeymoon, why not consider a flirtier option, like this cute set. For the swimmer who loves the security and coverage of a one-piece, consider this stylish suit.

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