In Southern California, our close proximity to the beach dictates an ocean-ready fashion culture, where flip-flops and bikinis are acceptable attire in most situations. We think that boardshorts should be treated with the same respect as any men’s clothes. In fact, we have three reasons why wearing boardshorts is actually advantageous over sporting regular pants or shorts.

Your Clothes Will Be Waterproof

We’ve all been there - you buy a coffee, sit down to start working, then, with one swift wave of the hand, your coffee tips over and puddles into your lap faster than the rising tide. For the next few hours you walk around looking like you may have had an “accident”. If you were wearing boardshorts (especially a forgiving dark colored pair like this set from Rip Curl), no one would be the wiser and you’d be dry in a matter of minutes. Plus, the need for less washing and drying will make boardshorts a more eco-friendly option.

You’ll Look Stylish

There have never been so many designs and brands to choose from in the swimwear world. From updated Hawaiian prints to modern minimalistic designs, there are countless styles to choose from. Try pairing your boardshorts with a put-together shirt and classic, smart shoe for a look that’s perfect for everyday wear. Or, choose a neutral pair like this set from RVCA for an everyday casual look that’s perfect for hitting the shore or the grocery store.

RVCA Shorts

You’ll Have More Excuses to Go Surfing

The clothes you put on set the tone for your day. When you wake up and don your favorite pair of “baggies” (that’s South African for boardshorts), you’ll make it that much easier to jump in the water before, during, or after work.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of boardshorts to add to your collection, or a new pair to replace your old faithfuls, check out our selection here at Hansen’s. We have a range of lengths, materials, colors and sizes to choose from. Long live casual Fridays! (#EverydayIsCasualFriday)