When your meal is this pretty, you’re allowed to take a picture.

This week, my post is dedicated to one of the establishments where I spend the majority of my time and money: The Byron Bay General Store. Australia isn’t quite as tech-obsessed as the US, so there are a limited quantity of restaurants in Byron Bay that have WiFi, and the General Store happens to be one of them. While working from my computer means I can stay at home in my PJs all day, I find that I am more productive when surrounded by other people, so I usually skip over to this local cafe and get down to business.

The perfect spot to get some work done and watch the world go by.

This cafe has only been open for about five months, but they have quickly become one of the most popular spots in town, for locals and tourists alike. Their eclectic menu features a delicious selection of smoothie bowls, burgers and breakfast sandwiches, a haloumi hot dog - whatever that is, and of course the ever-present avocado toast (yes, the very dish that is supposedly preventing members of my generation from buying houses ). Byron town is chock full of awesome eateries, and the foods they serve are all relatively similar, but I’ve tried almost everything on the menu at the General Store, and they have yet to disappoint!

In the time I’ve been sitting here writing this article, I have had a number of friends walk by and say hi - another reason why I am such a fan of the Byron Bay General Store, or as some say, “The Genny”. This town is tiny, and pretty much anywhere I go, I run into someone I know, but something about the atmosphere of this spot seems to transform accidental run-ins into full-blown coffee date conversations. I have had countless days where I’ve come in for a quick dose of caffeine, planning on taking it to-go, and have ended up sitting down and catching up with a friend for hours and hours...especially if the surf is average.

A rare moment in which the repurposed produce crate seats are not filled.

Don’t get me wrong here, some of my all-time favorite restaurants have the most plain or lackluster decor I have ever seen, but I am still a sucker for some classy interior design, and I have to say, the General Store has a pretty impressive aesthetic. Filled with reclaimed wood, white accents, and potted plants, this space is a Pinterest dream come to life! The walls are filled with paintings by local artists, and historical photos of Byron Bay, including a picture of this very building in the 1940s, when it was the town’s original general store! The ambiance of the cafe also stems from the epic tunes coming from the stereo, thanks to playlists carefully selected by the friendly staff.

If you ever find yourself hungry in Byron, make sure to check out the General Store for a delicious meal, cute photo op, and service with a smile.