Far too often, we go check our local surf spot and the waves are, for lack of a better word, haggard. Whether it’s a marginal swell or a devil wind wreaking havoc on the ocean’s surface, there are times when every surfer feels uninspired to paddle out. For a lot of us, it’s not about ripping a wave to pieces or even firing off a certain number of turns. It’s about taking a mental break, surrounding yourself in nature, and getting a little exercise and fresh air after a long day at work.

So what happens when you do rock up to the parking lot and are disappointed with what you see? Well friends, it’s time to get a little inspiration! The YouTube vault is filled with gems so take your seat, turn the volume up, and take a look at 5 of our favorite edits/ movie clips to get frothed up and that fire lit inside!

  1. Taj Burrow in Stranger Than Fiction

If it’s small and you’re in need of some high energy, fast paced surfing, vintage Taj Burrow doesn’t get any better. How’s that last turn, too?

  1. John John Florence in Free To Roam

It doesn’t get more inspirational than this. You have to watch it on YouTube but trust us, it’s worth it!

  1. Jordy Smith in Now Now

Speed, power, and flow. If there’s one surfer who continuously ticks the judging criteria, it’s Jordy. Take notes and let a couple man turns loose!

  1. Occy from 1994 - 2006
The raw power in Occy’s surfing is just too good not to love. The fast-paced music paired with some of the best backhand surfing ever to be done is timeless.
  1. Andy Irons

It goes without saying - Andy was and will always be one of the best. It still hurts watching footage of him knowing he’s gone, but if there’s a positive to take away from his death it’s that you should take advantage of the time you have to surf! Life is way too short to pass up opportunities, so just paddle out! Even if you catch one wave, just like Andy said, you’ll be a better person when you come in.

There ya’ have it! A small selection of what we know to be motivating surf clips to fire you up before you paddle out. Don’t let a bad day at the office, onshore wind, or a lack of swell put a damper on your vibe. Get out there - we’ll see you in the water.