Three classics in one photo: a VW bus, a single fin longboard, and a one piece swimsuit.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be found wearing a swimsuit almost every day, regardless of the season. I’ll have at least five bathing suits in my car at all times, and at least four of those will be surf-friendly. Although I’ve overcome my hoarding issue , I still have a decently large collection of suits, and as I’ve been surfing my way around the warm-watered world, I’ve come to a realization that is a little bit difficult for me to admit.

I try to love all my children (swimsuits) equally, but lately... the clear favorites have been the one pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I still love bikinis for so many reasons - they are cute, great for tanning and wearing under clothes, and yes, they do occasionally work in the surf. I also think it is empowering to wear a two piece suit and I encourage any woman to confidently rock a bikini if she so desires! However, when it comes to function, one pieces take the cake.

You may not hear it from Versace or Gucci, but if you ask me, one piece swimsuits’ return to popularity just may be the fashion comeback of the century. Since I’ve been in Byron Bay, I’ve noticed more and more women surfing in one pieces, or “cozzies,” all the time... and I’ve noticed less and less women constantly adjusting their swimsuits in the lineup! I have a few suits that literally do. not. budge. no matter how many sets I take on the head.

If any of you ladies reading this are planning on taking a mid-winter tropical vacay, I highly advise packing a one piece suit, whether you’re a surfer, a swimmer, or a lay-on-the-beacher. Now, these suits previously had the bad reputation of being too conservative or unfashionable, but in the past couple of years, almost every swimwear brand has released some full piece swimsuits that absolutely rock. They are so useful, and when you throw them on with some high waisted shorts, you get a perfect beach-to-town look.

Don’t worry my fellow exhibitionists, I am not advising whatsoever that we start covering up. There are plenty of cheeky one piece suits (including all of the ones that I happen to own), that dare to bare almost as much as a teeny bikini. One pieces also flatter all body types, with top secret curve-emphasizing and leg-lengthening properties. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but if you asked me, I’d say it must be magic.