Hansen’s shop dog Roscoe is now eight years old, but clearly, even as a puppy, he was a very hard working member of the team.

Having a dog has always been a central aspect of American life, but lately, man’s best friend seems to be bigger than ever. Millennials are choosing to have dogs instead of children, the pet product market is exploding, and millions of dogs even have their own Instagram accounts. Ever the trendsetters, Hansen’s has been a dog friendly shop since forever, and has always had at least one shop dog. Last June, Hansen’s very own Patty Bolton took the puppy love a step further, and created the ​Hansen’s Loves Dogs Instagram account​.

This very good Golden Doodle, named Buoy, is just one of the many amazing doggos that has visited the shop.

Patty has two fur babies of her own - adorable dachshunds named ​Gus and Wrigley​, and loves when customers bring their dogs into the shop. She thought it would be a good idea to share all these furry friends with the world, and thus, Hansen’s Loves Dogs was born. The page features photos (snapped by Patty) of all the cute four legged companions that find their way into the shop. Patty even chooses a theme song for every dog, found on the account’s Instagram Stories. As payment for their posing, if their humans allow it, each model is given a doggie treat. Because there are so many pups that make their way into the shop every day, there is generally a queue for the Instagram page of about two and a half weeks, so don’t fret if your pet hasn’t hit the big time yet - their day is coming soon!

Although the page is called Hansen’s Loves Dogs, we don’t discriminate! This is Cookie the Cockatoo.

Of course, the Hansen shop dogs were the first to be featured on the page. If you’ve ever been to Hansen’s you’ve probably seen two big black dogs roaming the store, or napping in the shade, named Roscoe and Bear. There are also Fred and Choko, but they stay upstairs in the office. Clearly, Hansen’s is not a pet supply store, but as a dog friendly establishment, it only makes sense to have some sort of pet product for sale. Be sure to check out the awesome, artistic collars and leashes we’ve got in stock in the store - you’ll have the most stylish hound at the dog park! For your daily dose of puppers, follow @hansenslovesdogs, and remember, most retailers in Encinitas are dog friendly, so next time you’re walking down the 101, bring your fur baby!