Color coordinated and ready to roll!

Before a trip, we all go through the same process of picking what clothing and personal items to bring, and what to leave at home. I’ve done it a million times, and I’m sure you have too... asking the question, “What do I really need for a weekend / two week / month long vacation?”

But, this process becomes exponentially more difficult when you are a) packing up to leave home for at least a year, and b) a 21-year old girl that likes clothes (see post from a few weeks ago re: hoarding). In the past few weeks, I have actually sold a bunch of my clothes, and have done some serious research on what I would really need to bring with me. I narrowed down my packing piles to the clothes I really wear all the time, and figured out some necessities, with the help of Hansen’s!

  1. Hat

It's going to be extremely hot and humid in Asia, so I will definitely make it a priority to wear a hat as much as possible. Good thing this Roxy women’s hat* from Hansen’s is so cute!

  1. Passport

Well, I’m not going to get too far without this one, right? Always remember to bring your passport (seriously, if you forgot it, you wouldn’t be the first one) and make sure to check that it’s still valid months before your next international journey! It can take quite some time to get it renewed.

  1. Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must-bring item for traveling. From walking around the airport to getting lost in new cities, my trusty Vans have always gotten me where I need to go!

  1. Overalls

Need a cute outfit? Overalls. Need a bathing suit coverup? Overalls. Need something comfy for a bus / plane / train ride? Overalls. Of all clothing items, I am pretty sure overalls have the most benefits... over all. Ha. These red corduroy RVCA overalls are my new favorites!

  1. Sunglasses

Always protect your peepers! There are so many amazing sunglasses brands out there, like D’Blanc, that make fashionable and functional frames for any occasion.

  1. Pouch

Have you joined the Aloha Collection* party yet? The pouches are so cute and they are splash proof, so you can toss your wet bathing suit in and be on your way! Use it as a clutch, beach bag, bikini bag, makeup bag... the possibilities are endless.

  1. Camera

I just recently picked up this old Minolta Hi-Matic AF, but whether your photos are film or digital- they make the best souvenirs! IPhones have such great cameras now, it's so easy to take photos anywhere!

  1. Sunscreen

This may just be the most important item on this list. Last weekend, I got such a bad sunburn that almost all the skin on my forehead and nose peeled off. I have never been burnt like that before, and I hope I never will be again! Never ever ever forget your sunscreen!!! I have always been a fan of Coola Suncare and SunBum, and am looking forward to testing out this Surface sport stick for extra protection!

*Some items featured are available in-store only.