Technology has advanced rapidly in the last 10 years, and one of the most important advancements for action sports has been the development of POV cameras. While many companies have attempted to make POV cameras, there is no doubt that GoPro is king of the small go anywhere camera.

From neverending barrels at Skeleton Bay to World Record-shattering skydives, GoPro has been at the forefront of progression. With that in mind and on the heels of the release of the new GoPro HERO5, we have decided to feature our 5 Epic GoPro Surf Edits. So sit back, grab a cold beverage and enjoy all of the action!

1. Cyrus Sutton’s A Pleasurable Experience, presented by Reef and GoPro

Jazz and noseriding go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Cy’s 2014 edit still makes the list of our 5 Epic GoPro Surf Edits. Cyrus, an accomplished filmmaker and surfer from North County, has been finding ways to creatively use GoPros for a number of years and his pov noseriding will make you feel like you’re walking on water.

2. Benji Brand, GoPro of The World

Have you ever wondered what a never ending left-hand barrel looks like? Have you ever wondered what it would take to score $20k for getting tubed out of your mind? Well Benji Brand’s Skeleton Bay runner accomplished both in one fell swoop. For most of us mere mortals, a barrel like this is out of reach, but at least with the help of GoPro we can mind surf at the push of a button.

3. GoPro’s Masters of Indo

A dreamy look into the life of pro surfers in Indonesia. If you like tropical tubes and excellent story telling, then taking the time to watch this short film will be worth it. If this doesn't inspire you to book a trip to Indo, nothing will!

4. Dreams, With Kelia Moniz

Not every GoPro video has to be making barrels, and Kelia’s dreamy cross stepping is as amazing to watch as any death defying feat. The Oahu native is a child of the ocean and her ability on a board has allowed her to travel the world and win two World Longboarding Championships. Watch this one and then go walk the nose at Swami’s.

5. Jasper’s Big Surf Session

Magic moments don’t just happen for the pro surfing set, as everyone knows the handheld POV cameras are great for catching amazing family moments as well. As a family owned surf shop, we love watching the youngest of groms experience the stoke of surfing. Watch this father-son duo get radical in shin high surf for dad and head high surf for young Jasper.

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