"The fish was the first board that I was able to push like a thruster without losing glide and the feeling of effortless speed. “Fish” is a widely used term in surfboards today, but the fish design school that I follow is that of the knee board. These types of fishes were ridden in San Diego during the 1970’s. These boards had upright, long based keel fins, deep swallows, and straight curves throughout the tail. The design of these types of fishes gives the board reckless speed and a mind of its own. The explosive energy of the fish is what got me hooked. I started out making myself boards that closely resembled the knee boards of the past. I never wanted to lose that reckless speed, but I have since incorporated some more progressive rockers and volumes to make these boards more controllable and easier to overpower. Lately I have been shaping in a side-cut to put more pivotal curve into the classic proportions." - Ryan Burch  Click Here for our surfboard inventory list.  

Squid Fish