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Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Wave Range: Flat - Shoulder High

Wave Type: Beach Break, Points, Flat

Fin Setup: Single Fin/Thruster/Quad

Best in Class: Boardworks, Surftech

Not everyday is an epic day for surf, especially in Southern California. While we certainly have our amazing runs of swell, having something that can keep you in shape and in tune with the ocean during dry spells is a great idea.

The stand up paddleboard (SUP) is deeply rooted in surfing and some speculate that its origins can be traced back thousands of years to indigenous fisherman in places like Peru. However, modern stand up paddleboarding is mostly attributed to Waikiki Beach Boy legends Duke

Kahanamoku and Leroy and Bobby AhChoy, who would stand on large surfboards and paddle with a long oar in order to have a better perspective of people enjoying the local beaches.

While Hawaii has always had a reputation of breeding tried and true waterman who can man any number of watercraft, the stand up paddle board really started gaining momentum on the mainland in the early 2000s, where it quickly became one of the fastest growing water sports. Part of the SUP’s success is due to the fact that you don’t need waves to enjoy them, as SUP enthusiasts have found them to be a great way to enjoy lakes, rivers and bays.

Today, stand up paddleboarding is considered to be an awesome way to enjoy the ocean. While there has certainly been some controversy surrounding SUP’s place in the lineup, when used in a manner that is respectful of surfing etiquette, much like other surfboards, paddleboards are as effective as any other surf craft for providing stoke.

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