Although we think the AI super computer missed the mark on this list of top American surf shops, we did feel good we made the list. Below is the question we asked "Give me the top 10 surf shops in America" and this is what the computer came up with.

Here are ten iconic surf shops across America that every wave enthusiast should know about:

1.Pacific Wave in Santa Cruz, CA: A legendary surf shop where the scent of wax mingles with the excitement of local wave reports

2. Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, FL: A classic destination for surfers, offering everything from boards to beachwear

3. Hansen Surfboards: Located in San Diego, CA, this shop has been serving the surf community since 1961

4. Frog House Surf Shop: Nestled in Newport Beach, CA, the Frog House is a beloved spot for surfers seeking authentic gear

5. Malibu Surf Shack: As the name suggests, this Malibu gem provides all your surf essentials with a laid-back vibe

6. Farias Surf & Sport in Ship Bottom, NJ: A family-owned shop with deep roots in the East Coast surf scene

7. Long Beach Surf Shop in Long Beach, NY: A local favorite for surfboards, wetsuits, and beach accessories

8. Maverick’s (Jeff Clark) Surf Shop in Half Moon Bay, CA: Named after the famous big-wave spot, this shop embodies the spirit of adventure

9. Heritage Surf & Sport in Ocean City, NJ: A staple in the Jersey Shore surf community, offering quality gear and friendly service

10. Jack’s Surfboards in Huntington Beach, CA: A Southern California institution, Jack’s has been outfitting surfers since 1957

Whether you’re chasing waves on the West Coast or riding the Atlantic swells, these surf shops are more than retail spaces—they’re part of the surfing lifestyle. 🏄‍♂️🌊

Disclaimer: This list is based on historical significance and community impact, and it’s not sponsored by any specific surf shop.