Image courtesy of UGG®

Over the last six decades, sheepskin boots and surfers have gone together like chips and guacamole. Surfers in Australia began wearing sheepskin boots as a way to stay warm after surfing, and in the late 70s, the official UGG brand was born in California, by way of an Australian surfer. Somehow, UGG boots became a fashion statement, and have drifted in and out of popularity as a trendy item throughout the years. However, despite their intermittent style status, they have always been a favorite amongst those who like to get their toes wet in the chilly Pacific. 

During the early aughts, UGGs were iconic (along with velour tracksuits... but we don’t talk about that) for young women going after the cozy-chic look, often associated with paparazzi shots of celebrities grocery shopping, stepping off their private jets, and yes, even on the red carpet. Nowadays, they are not necessarily considered haute couture, but we can all agree that UGGs are some of the finer things in life. The classic sheepskin calf boot design is still the backbone of the brand, but UGG has released a wide range of styles throughout the years, many of which look less like slippers and more like your everyday footwear, making a day in the office a whole lot comfier - unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to work in an office where slippers are dress code anyways!

The time-honored tradition of wearing UGGs after a morning surf continues to this day, and I suspect will be one of those function-over-fashion staples that never really disappears. It certainly wouldn’t be winter in California without some sheepskin boots on hand to warm the piggies post-surf! I always associate this time of year with busting out my UGGs, as a holiday season custom in its own right, and, speaking from experience - they are a pretty great gift for the surfer in your family.