While Trevor Hoffman’s time on the field with the San Diego Padres has come to an end, Trevor Time will live on forever!
How did this incredible opportunity come to life? Well, artists Paul & Singe of Ground Floor Murals (@groundfloormurals) began a series of murals around San Diego honoring some of the Padres biggest legends from throughout the years. Being that Trevor is a north county native, they wanted to bring his mural to life up here – and BAM! It’s Trevor Time forever in San Diego and here at Hansen Surfboards!  
FUN FACT:  The Hoffman’s are no strangers to Hansen Surfboards. While they are not only family friends of the Hansen’s, they are also frequent flyers in our shop. So to put it simply, it is extra special for both us at Hansen’s and The Hoffman’s to have Trevor Time live on indefinitely on our building!
Please come by and take a look! It really is something special. To say we are honored to be apart of this would be a huge understatement. Trevor Hoffman is a San Diego legend whose footprint in the baseball community is uniquely inspiring and unmatched to anyone. Big THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this happen!