Image: WSL/Scholtz 

Event #7 on the World Tour is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Teahupoo is without a doubt one of the most terrifying waves in the world, and a perfect playing field for the world’s best surfers to showcase their tube riding skills. The title race is on fire right now with Filipe in a solid lead, but just over 10,000 points separating 2nd - 10th. We’ll for sure be expecting some shuffling on the leaderboard as the event progresses. The big question is, as always, who will win? Take a look at our top 3 picks to take out this year’s Tahiti Pro Teahupoo.

1. Owen Wright

Owen has been a consistent standout when the waves get heavy. Over the years, he’s earned a name for himself by pulling into some of the heaviest bombs that roll through, showing that fear is not emotion he is familiar with. Just take a look at this one from back in 2014:

With a new baby in his life though, it’s always difficult to tell if that will push surfers, or make them think twice about throwing themselves over a 10 foot ledge.

2. Michel Bourez

Local knowledge always plays a critical role when it comes to waves of consequence. As a native Tahitian, you can bet Michel has put more time in the water at this spot than other other surfers on tour. He has his line marks, he knows which waves will be good, and he knows how to get tubed. The only thing he needs to do is put together a solid heat strategy and do his best to be on the best waves. According to his Instagram, he’s been putting in quite a bit of work, which is why we have high hopes for him this year…Check out this link: awareness on the wave to tuck his head when that chandelier hit him was so clutch - the guy is an animal.

      3. Gabriel Medina

Gabby is sittin pretty at number 3 in the world and is yet to win a contest this year. You can almost feel the energy bubbling over when he surfs. There is so much speed and power in his surfing, but he hasn’t been able to go all the way and win one yet this year. The Brazilian’s track record at Teahupoo is decorated with finals appearances and a win in 2014 when it was pumping. Expect to see fireworks from the goofy foot. Lets just hope it’s as big as it was in the video below: 

So there it is, our three picks for the Tahiti Pro Teahupoo which starts August 10th. The trials were just completed and the waves looked absolutely perfect. If the event is anything like what we saw the last few days, we will be in for a great show!

We want to hear from you now! Who do you think will win the event? Leave a comment and why you think that surfer has what it takes to win!