16th Annual SIMA Awards

Hansen Surfboards

2019 West Coast Retailer of the Year 

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) honors the best brands and products each year at the SIMA Awards. And this year we had the pleasure of not only attending but were also nominated for 2019 West Coast Retailer of the Year! (spoiler alert: WE WON, but we will get to that in a minute!)

Paulina here! I’ve heard about the SIMA Awards and what a fun night it was, but to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. It was my first year attending and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Upon arrival, there were the big lights and a step-and-repeat for your team’s photo moment cradled in-between two pearly white Audi’s, as it was a main sponsor of the event. We were welcomed with big smiles and good vibes from the staff from start to finish, it was awesome.

In my opinion, however, while the ambiance was cool and the drinks were perfectly satisfying, getting together with so many wonderful people in this industry made the night special. I see our sales reps in passing at the shop, and occasionally email with their marketing teams, but seldom do we get to hang out outside of work. We danced, we knocked elbows…it was a blast! This industry is made up of the best people with the best energy and amidst the coronavirus madness that is unfolding outside our walls, everyone was genuinely stoked to be there.

Now for the awards ceremony, Mike Shumard was our fearless leader through the night! SIMA recognizes the best in the industry through 19 categories, 86 finalists total. Everything from Wetsuit of the Year to Breakout Brand of the Year to Marketing Campaign of the Year.

 Hansen Surfboards was awarded 2019 West Coast Retailer of the Year!

What. An. Honor. Thank you to the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association for the recognition.

While there were only a handful of us on stage to accept the award, none of it would be made possible without our own fearless leader Don Hansen and the crew of over 50 employees that make up Hansen Surfboards. Success takes a village, and it is the loyalty and support of our brands and our customers, and the hard work of all our employees, that has made our success possible. This industry isn’t built solely on the products we sell or the photos we post, it is heavily influenced by the relationships built along the way.  I speak proudly on behalf of Hansen’s when I say that we are incredibly grateful, thankful and appreciative of all of you and your continued support.

To simply say “Thank You” seems wildly insufficient but THANK YOU from all of us to you!

Hansen Surfboards