For the first time in weeks, the weather forecast for San Diego finally looks like, well, a weather forecast for San Diego. It even seems like we may get an entire week without any precipitation - wowee, lucky us! With Daylight Savings starting last weekend, and spring just around the corner, one can only hope that sunny days are here to stay. With a new season, comes new styles, and this spring, we’re all about overalls.

One piece outfits in general (rompers, jumpsuits, etc.) have been ruling the fashion scene for the last year or so, and it seems like all of the brands are jumping on board. Of course, classic denim overalls are a staple that never really go out of style, but right now, everywhere I go, I also see overalls in corduroy, linen, silk, you name it! The farmer-chic garb isn’t just for the look - it’s also useful. As all women know, our clothes tend to lack one very important functional feature: pockets. With overalls, however, there is always at least one pocket, and generally, that pocket is actually big enough to hold something like a phone, wallet, or at least chapstick.

Although overalls tend to lean on the casual side, some of the getups I’ve seen lately by our favorite beachy brands are perfect for daytime or nighttime, with flared legs or fun prints. I even wore some to work the other day! I started seeing the resurgence of the linen overall style in Australia, and it appears that the summery trend has made its way across the ocean. Linen overalls tend to come in muted colors with the occasional stripe pattern, making for a more sophisticated look than your generic dungarees. Personally, wearing linen automatically makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation, sipping on mojitos at sunset.

With so many options for all taste palates, and warmer days on the horizon, there’s never been a better reason to jump on board the overalls bandwagon!