Every fall San Diego’s surf community crosses their  fingers, offers sacrifices to the surf gods, and silently and not so silently prays for an El Nino winter. And all of the rituals have paid off, as the West Coast has been absolutely bombarded by head high plus swells throughout the winter months.

With every El Nino winter comes an El Nino spring, and like all surfers we are hoping as the waters and weather continue to warm, the swells will continue to show up and provide stoke for everyone who has been soaking up the winter waves.

Spring waves and weather also means shedding thicker wetsuits and slipping into the perfect spring suit, and Hansen Surfboards has you covered as we carry a large selection of mens, womens, and childrens wetsuits.

Whether the waves are two foot and glassy or continue to pulse, spring is an awesome time to be a surfer in San Diego, so if you are looking for the perfect spring suit to maximize your sessions try one of these awesome wetsuits, as they are sure to keep you stoked!

1. Xcel Mens Wetsuit Infiniti Comp Short Sleeve Fullsuit

 If you’re looking for top of the line, then look no further, The Xcel Infiniti Comp is one of the best performing wetsuits on the planet. Featuring a seamless chest and back panel, the Infiniti Comp offers the very best on mobility and optimal warmth in a 2mm wetsuit. With supreme performing Ultrastretch neoprene and blended charcoal and recycled polyester fibers make this suit not only performs well, but is environmentally friendly.


2. Rip Curl Mens Wetsuit E Bomb Pro Zip Free Short Sleeve Springsuit

If you are looking for a quick drying uber flexible suit that will enhance your surfing experience then add the Rip Curl E Bomb 2/2 Short Sleeve to your wetsuit collection. This short sleeve 2/2 mil wetsuit is perfect for those mild spring days when it’s not warm enough for boardies, but doesn’t quite warrant a 3/2.


3. Oneill Mens Wetsuit O’riginal Vest

Every surfer should have a high quality vest in their wetsuit quiver, and the Oneill O'riginal vest is as cool as it is affordable. Offering a reinforced chest panel for durability and retro logo, the O’riginal vest looks as good in the barrel as it does trimming a cheater five down a long Swami’s wall.


4. Xcel Womens Wetsuit LIHUE Boy Cut Cross Back Shorty

With spring weather comes spring vibes and The Xcel Womens LIHUE is as stylish as it is comfortable. Featuring 100% premium Ultrastretch Neoprene and a flattering cross back design, the LIHUE is an excellent choice for warm spring sessions.


5. Rip Curl Womens Wetsuit Dawn Patrol Short Sleeve Springsuit 2mm

Rip Curl’s line of high quality wetsuits proves that you don’t have to break the bank to own a stylish and functional springsuit. Featuring E4 Neoprene the Dawn patrol offers the kind of flexibility and warmth that even radical surfers like Alana Blanchard can count on. If you’re looking for an affordable and high quality wetsuit the Dawn Patrol womens wetsuit is a great choice.

Hansen Surfboards carries a large selection of mens, womens, and childrens wetsuits. Allow our friendly staff or online wetsuit buyer's guide help you find the perfect wetsuit from brands like Rip Curl, Xcel, and Oneill.