We were BLOWN AWAY by these photos sent in by Bob Freeman (above), captain of our East Coast Team in the late 60’s and we love it when our fans send us personal accounts of their vintage Hansen boards and gear!  If you have something to share email us at cs@hansensurf.com

These are some of our favorites!

   - Andy's Skateboard


    - Ann Dayton and Bill LaFleur


   - Jake Benrubi


   - Brian Hansen


   - Dave Kawut


   - Don "Hoagie" Leierer


   - Doug Butterick "Hi guys i'll coming down in a couple weeks and will stop by and show ya the pix, the ipad isn't as sharp as the org. pix. That board sold at auction a few years back for $1000.00 they had it listed as brown in colour but it was a darker orange. I paid $178.00 . I use to surf with Bobby Scottland hIs pop worked for you. best to ya." -Doug


   - Howard John "I run a small board repair service in Porthcawl, South Wales, UK. We recently had an old Hansen board in with a badly delaminated fin (I guess we still called them skegs when this board was made) and some rail damage. I've attached some photos and I thought you might be able to tell us when the board was possibly built. It's a 10 footer and weighs a ton." -Howard


   - Jim Lucas


   - Ken Walter


   - Marco Roselli


   - Mike Gilkison  "Here's a couple pics of a mint 9'6" 50/50 triple stringer I have. Here's a little history on this board......In 1986 my brother and I were surfing a local beach on the gulf coast of Florida. We were approached by a man who offered this board to us for $50.00 (with racks). The board had never been in the water and sitting in this guys garage since the mid to late 60's....The man's son bought it to use when he returned from Vietnam....he never came home. We paid the $50.00(still owe my mom ) We gave it to my father for his birthday in 1986.....He has since died and the board has come back to me. Gonna take it out soon!" -Mike


   - Nick Petrino


   - Peter Blyth


   - Ranger Dick


   - Rich Harris


   - Mark

Thanks to everyone who sent in their pictures!

If you would like to send us your pictures please email: cs@hansensurf.com