One of the most amazing aspects of the tech revolution is the instant access it gives us to surf media. Right there floating around in our pockets is a micro-computer packed full of dreamy waves, tropical excursions and beautiful people prancing down beautiful beaches.

Like everything else good in the world, over indulgence in online media can lead to constant day-dreaming, over stoke, and dry eyes. That’s why it’s important to hone your social feeds, so you can catch the best action, and never miss what’s really going down at the beach or in the streets.

Everybody has their own favorites, but these are our five favorite Surf Photographers on Instagram. The ones that leave us stunned, jealous and inspired.

1. Chris Burkard-


Chris has pretty much changed the course of what is considered “surf photography.” The SLO local started interning for the surf mags, while sleeping in the back of his truck. The guy is pure passion, and his stunning photos prove it. Chris started a new genre of surf photography that centers around the stunning landscape of rugged locals, that are often far from the tropical beaches that usually grace the pages of surf mags. Making nature the subject has proven successful for Burkard, as he has become one of the most sought after outdoor photographers in the world.

2. Todd Glaser-


Todd has a bit of the local boy done good vibe around town, as he can often be found shooting uber pros up and down the beautiful beaches of San Diego. He is a staff photographer for the legendary Surfer Magazine, and has possibly bagged more covers than any other surf photog his age. Todd’s Instagram is definitely one to watch, as he shoots everyone from our local heroes to the greatest surfer of all time King Kelly Slater.

3. Woody Gooch-


Australia’s Woody Gooch is one of the most promising up and coming photographers on the planet. As part of the DEUS crew, Woody has access to the who’s who of the alternative surfboard movement. From Harrison Roach threading tubes in the South Pacific to the eloquent longboarders of Noosa, Woody is capturing magical moments with his camera. 

4. Mark McInnis-


Mark McInnis is another photographer who is shooting outside of the normal surf zones, as McInnis shoots the many moods of the Pacific Northwest. Mark is from the Burkard school of photography, using his beautiful surroundings as a primary subject in his awe inspiring photos. If you daydream about breaking away from the Southern California masses, Mark’s photos will be an ideal escape.

5. Steve Sherman- 


What can you say about the man they call T-Sherms? There might not be another photographer in history of surfing that has caught more raw behind the scene moments in surf history than Steve Sherman. It’s hard to label T-Sherms as a surf photographers, as he is really a documentarian artist, but if you have ever wanted to see you favorite surfers at their most honest and vulnerable moments, Steve is the man to follow.

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