There is nothing that gets the stoke meter firing like an epic surf video. Since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of capturing surfing on video, surfers have been drawn to screens like caveman to a fire….all to watch their favorite surfers get radical at the best waves in the world.

As a surf shop, we love surf videos. Watching surf videos in the name of work is heaven on earth. As one of the classic surf shops in San Diego, we have been watching in awe since the 1960s. Being a legacy shop means we are equal parts progression and classic, so we have selected five surf videos that will connect you with the history of our great pursuit, and with the young surfers that are pushing the progression of surfing with every session.

If you are looking for an epic collection of surf videos, start with these five stoke-filled options, as they are sure to get you psyched for your next session.

1. Psychic Migrations

The trippy vibes of Volcom’s surf team are on magical display in V.Co’s newest production, Psychic Migrations. While Volcom sponsors some of the most progressive surfers in the world, their videos have the feel of mystic art sent straight from the surf gods. Psychic Migrations features all of your favorite Volcom surfers, including our own hometown hero Ryan Burch, who’s surfing is next level in the film.

2. Morning Of The Earth

Let your freak flag fly and tap into Morning Of The Earth, the 1971 classic made by Alby Falzon. While no surfers or spots are named, it features some of the most radical surfing of the 1970s and is more concept film than documentary. Morning Of The Earth features hot-footed surf action from legends like Gerry Lopez, Michael Peterson and Nat Young. Throw it on before a cruisy longboard or mid-length day and feel the good vibes.

3. View From A Blue Moon

If there is one team that can take surf film-making to the next level, it’s John John Florence and Brain Farm. Brain Farm, known for epic snowboard films like That’s It That’s All and this years highly anticipated The 4th Phase, has literally changed the genre of snowboard movies and View From A Blue Moon has elevated surfing films to the same level. While View From A Blue Moon won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no doubt that it showcases both surfing and filmmaking at their highest level.

4. The Endless Summer

The most iconic surf film of all time, The Endless Summer, showcased surfers Michael Hynson and Robert August of traveling the world in search of epic waves. Bruce Brown’s 1966 classic is considered one of the most influential surf films of all time, and every true surfer should own a copy.

5. Dear and Yonder

Featuring some of our favorite surfers, Dear and Yonder is an inspiring and beautiful piece about some of today’s top female surfers. From the smooth longboard stylings of Kassia Meador to living aboard Liz Clark’s sailboat, Dear and Yonder is equal parts progressive surfing and epic adventure.