Warm Up Then Head Out!

I hit the slopes today at Whistler after not having skied for a couple of years. I was stoked that it was as if I hadn’t missed a year of skiing thanks to the warm up I got at Adventure Ski & Snowboard School just outside of Hansen Surfboards

Adventure ski school

Owner Kent Bry invited me to try out their rolling carpet and take a ski lesson to get ready for my trip. He said that any of my bad habits would be exaggerated on the carpet and his staff could point them out and help me fix them. I gave it a shot and was blown away. Although I’ve been skiing since I was five, the 30-minute lesson left me exhausted, as if I had been on the slopes for an entire day! I learned that I needed to edge more, but otherwise I was ready to go. It was a blast of a leg workout too. I heard a teenage snowboarder talk about what a great core workout he was getting. I decided after my trip, I’d go back just for the workout and fun.

So did it make a difference? Definitely!

Usually on the first day of a ski trip, it takes me a half-day to warm up and get my rhythm, I stay off the moguls, and keep it slow and easy until I’m warmed up. Not this trip. I felt warmed up right away, went as smooth and fast as I usually do by the second day of the trip, and I even hit some  moguls with complete confidence.  I also felt like a better skier, thanks to the instruction I got by Kent and his crew.

Thanks Kent!