I wish every day was Small Business Saturday

I’m like a guy when it comes to shopping. That is, if you make me go to a mall or a big box retailer, I shudder. I only go when I need something, and I do it as quickly as possible. In and out, with the minimum time necessary to get what I need. Then I bolt. 

small business saturday

I can’t stand the crowds, messy displays, chaos, and floor help who are impossible to find. If and when I finally get help, they act like they’re being asked to move mountains when all I’m requesting is something in my size. That’s why customer service is a huge deal to me. I’m not a recreational shopper, so why make the experience worse with bad service?

When I heard about Small Business Saturday (November 26), I was all over it. For one day, people are encouraged to shop at small businesses instead of large retailers.

I love that! Give people a cause to support small business!

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