Hansen Surfboards is super stoked to host Cobian's "Meet Bethany Hamilton" event August 1 from 5 pm – 8 pm. So far, we've had a HUGE RESPONSE and several fans have indicated they'll will be driving from OUT OF STATE for a chance to meet Bethany. 

Update to Bethany Signing

Bethany will be signing autographs from 6 pm – 7 pm. Unfortunately, her schedule is jam packed and she needs rest for her upcoming contests and events. She'll most likely be able to sign 200 to 250 posters. We're disappointed that not everyone will have a chance to get a signature. So this event will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. 

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Brand Ambassador Tom Jordan  Talks About How Much He Loves The Cobian Floater Sandals

Check The Cobian Floater Sandals

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Now that summer’s upon us, it’s time for many of you to put aside your shoes and grab some flip-flops. I say “many of you”, because more than a few of us, myself included, wear sandals year-round. Getting a good pair of sandals became even more crucial for me, as a few weeks ago I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. With my right knee out of commission, putting on and tying shoes became a bit of a chore – having footwear that I could easily slip in and out of made my life on crutches that much easier. Luckily, I received two great pairs of flip-flops to test and review – the Cobian Austin and the Reef Arch 1. Both are incredibly comfortable, and nice enough to wear out in the evening, or even to work.

The Austin is the more basic (and cheaper) of the two. With a leather footbed and strap, it’s probably not the best choice to wear when checking the dawn surf. It’s very comfortable, and it took only a few days for the footbed to break in and mold to the shape of my feet. For those of you with wide feet, you may find the Austin a bit snug; my feet are a bit wide, and the Austins were almost too tight. The leather straps, however, meant that I didn’t experience any rubbing or blisters. Overall, the Austins are a great sandal for the price.  Click here To See The Cobian Austin Sandal.  Click here To See All Cobian

Cobian Austin

The Reef Arch 1 is definitely on the high end, in terms of price (around $100) and features. Yes, the sandal has features – notably, an adjustable arch. Using a hex key, you can raise or lower the arch for comfort and fit. This is a fantastic feature; along with giving arch support, it enables a much more snug fit. I’ve worn Olukais and swore that they were the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned; the Reef Arch 1’s may actually surpass them, thanks to their customizable fit.  Click here to see the Reef Arch  Click here to see all Reef

Reef Arch Sandal

With Father’s Day coming up, either of these would make a great gift. I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time in both pairs this summer.

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