RIP Hobie Alter 10/31/33-3/29/14
"With the passing of Hobie Alter a legend is gone, and with it, the man who probably contributed more to the sport of surfing than anyone in history! 

Hobie Alter

His generation is rapidly disappearing. I had the honor of spending time with Hobie and even working with him at one time. I came to regard Hobie as a good friend and also as someone who I considered as one of the true gentlemen of the sport of surfing. I am sure he is on another wave somewhere trying to figure out another way that he could advance the
sport he loved and contributed so much to. His legacy will never be forgotten!" -Don Hansen

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So we got an online order yesterday from a guy buying some Hansen shirts and while we were processing his order he had added some notes that we thought were so funny we should blog about it.  Below is a Hansen shirt and the quote from the customer.

Hansen Original Logo Shirt

"I Saw Don in Montana last week he told me I needed to replace my worn out Hansen t-shirt because It was so full of holes that I was ruining his good name, he told me he would give me a good deal but he was drinking Gin and tonic at the time."

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