Deems Hansen’s the Best One Stop Shop for Surf Apparel in San Diego

As a San Diego native and avid surfer, I have spent my fair share of time in local surf shops. I’ve perused the racks of countless shops for the perfect fitting wetsuit, new favorite board and durable flip flops for a summer in San Diego since I was a kid. It seems every street corner in Southern California is home to a surf shop looking to stand out among the rest, but there is one that always sticks out in my mind and keeps me coming back – Hansen’s.


Located in San Diego’s popular surf community, Encinitas, Hansen’s is heralded as the largest surf shop in San Diego County. Hansen’s combines the board-sport world by focusing on surf culture and surf gear, but also recognizing the inherent connection between surfers, snowboards and skaters. Packed with everything from Channel Islands short boards to skateboards and even snowboards in the winter, Hansen’s Boardroom is a boarders dream while the main shop houses everything from clothing, shoes and accessories to surf inspired home décor.


As a staple in a community known for great surf spots, an abundance of surf culture and countless shops all competing to be the coolest around, Hansen’s still manages to outshine the rest. Located in north county San Diego since 1962, Hansen’s is guaranteed to bring the surf community of San Diego the best and biggest supply of surf gear and apparel in town.


So, why do I love Hansen’s so much? I love it because I come from a big family of surfers and it’s my one stop shop for gifts all year round. I can head to Hansen’s and know that I’ll find something for everyone on my shopping list from comfortable reef sandals or a new Nixon watch for my dad to a cute Billabong hoodie for my niece and maybe even a summer dress for myself. It’s also a great place to get some local knowledge of the area while browsing the racks.


Another reason to love Hansen’s is that its family owned and operated. From the moment you step foot in the store, you feel like a friend of the Hansen family. There is always someone ready and willing to help you out whether you’re a seasoned surfer asking about board details or a newbie looking for some guidance. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about everything in the store and they are more than happy to dish out good advice for hanging out in North County.


Hansen’s has an ideal location on HWY 101 in Encinitas, one of the most popular surf communities in Southern California. Visitors can leave the confines of downtown San Diego Hotels, get out in the sun and head up to North County for a little shopping at Hansen’s Surf Shop. After a couple hours perusing the shop and stocking up on surf gear, visitors can simply walk across the street to one of the best surf spots in the world – Swami’s. Known for laid-back locals, a major surf vibe and beautiful beaches, Encinitas is the epitome of surf culture in San Diego and there is no better way to experience it than a trip to Hansen’s Surf Shop – San Diego’s one stop shop for surf apparel.


This article was written by Carli Leavitt, the editor of Carli is a San Diego native with a wealth of knowledge about local attractions, hotels, beaches and nightlife venues in San Diego County.