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 On June 20th, 2015, 66 people in Huntington Beach broke the world record for most people riding a surfboard at once. We did it on the biggest Surfboard in the world with a 12 second ride. Weighing in at 1350 pounds, 42′ long and 16″ thick, I managed to win a spot on this monster through an Instagram contest.


Nev Hyman, founder of Firewire Surfboards, sent the CAD design of Pro Surfer Michel Bourez’s Quad Shortboard to some amazing boat makers/waterman at Rhode Island’s mouldCAM and Westerly Marine in Santa Ana. They scaled the design up 7.5 times bigger than the original board. All of the board’s dimensions had to stay in the same aspect ratios for the world record to be broken. Then they painted the board as a replica of Huntington’s very own Brett Simpson.  For more information Click Here

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