Hansen Surfboards Makes Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Easy!

If you’re in a time crunch on your Christmas shopping, here’s a holiday shopping story that’ll make you feel better and let you know there’s a way to get it all done in a couple of hours or less!

Last night, I finally had a moment to set out and tackle my Christmas list. I was feeling pretty guilty about it too, because after all, it was December 21 and I hadn’t bought a single gift for anyone. Between family and work demands, time just slipped away and there it was… four days before Christmas.

Hansen Surf Shop

I headed to Hansen Surfboards and got my entire list taken care of – with the exception of two items – in less than a couple of hours. The sales staff was incredibly helpful. What’s convenient is that I could not only get my brother’s surf gloves there, but I could also take care of the non-surfer, skier or snow-boarder in my life with gifts like scented candles, frames and other decorative items, great fashions for men, women and kids, that made it hard to keep myself from buying everything I saw.

And get this: after Christian Hansen rang me up at the register, he asked me if I wanted everything gift wrapped while I waited, at no charge!


I got home a few hours later, put perfectly wrapped packages under the tree and thought about what a relaxing experience that was.

To think that two days ago, I was a bit embarrassed to say I hadn’t even started, and now I’m pleased to say that all my packages are beautifully wrapped and under the tree, waiting for Christmas morning. I wish I had known years ago about how easy Hansen Surfboards makes Christmas shopping!