Zen and the Art of Surfboard Mechanics

Most people dont even know the deeper realities of what it takes to be a surfer.  From the intimate understanding of the ocean to having the best gear to pull off a great surf, surfing can be only as much rewarding as the passion you put into it.

Here are a few powerful philosophies that make surfing more worthwhile. Your surfboard is the first and most important tool you use to get the most out of surfing as a whole. Make sure you that you always have the surfboard that?s right for the job.

This may not necessarily mean it has to be the best on the market or the most expensive one at that. You need to keep a few factors in mind when choosing a good surf board ? like the style of surfing you going to be doing and the conditions in the water on a given day. Don?t forget the effects of your own body weight on the behavior of a surfboard in motion.

Surfing is really an art and using any old board might not bring you the desired results against certain waves. Surfboard fins also play a crucial role in ensuring that you can cut through the water with minimum drag and fuss - another philosophy no doubt that needs your attention.

Fins too vary according to wave conditions and surf boards so be sure to learn as much as you can before purchasing yours.

And lastly a good surfer always treats his surfboard with the required TLC it deserves. Make sure you always transport your surfboard on a suitable rack mounted on top of your vehicle. Get a decent protective bag for your surfboard. Always pay attention to detail looking out for untoward scratches and cracks. And lastly give her good rinsing when you emerge from the salt water.

Just a few deeper philosophies that will make sure you always get the best out of your surfing experience.

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