We here at Hansens are very excited to add Roberts Surfboards to our line of surfboards in store.

Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards was awarded Shaper of the Year for 2011 by Surfing Magazine.
Roberts Surfboards At Hansen Surf Shop

"Within his home territory of Ventura County, California, Robert is well known for his surfboard designs but in 2008 the word started spreading about a magic board he created the “White Diamond”... one of the Top Surfers in World, Dane Reynolds was in a video riding the board. Another notable surfer, number #2 in the ASP Jordy Smith, has used Roberts Surfboards in competition and free surfing."

"As the White Diamond continues to gain popularity other Roberts Surfboards designs have continued to deliver results for both general surfers and Team Riders. Past and current team riders have enjoyed competition results riding Roberts Surfboards including two surfers that broke the NSSA record for most wins in one season, Cory Arrambide, with 21 wins, and Kanoa Igarashi, with 28 wins. Dillon Perillo (sponsored by Rip Curl & DC Shoes) made five Pro Junior finals in row, also a new record."

Come by our store and check them out today!!
Roberts Surfboards Inventory List

10897 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-WHITE DIAMOND-19.13X2.19 5'4       605 1
10985 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-WHITE DIAMOND-19.5X2.38 5'8       605 1
10995 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-WHITE DIAMOND-19.75X2.44 5'10       605 1
11012 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-WHITE DIAMOND-20.5X2.63 6'2       605 1
11013 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-BIG BOY TRY-19.63X2.69 6'6       565 1
11014 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-BIG BOY TRY-19.75X2.75 6'8       565 1
11024 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-BIG BOY TRY-20.5X2.75 6'10       565 1
11041 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-BIG BOY TRY-20.25X2.25 7'0       565 1
11042 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-BIG BOY TRY-20X3 7'2       565 1
11045 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-DIAMOND FISH-19.5X2.25 5'4       605 1
11060 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-DIAMOND FISH-19.75X2.44 5'6       605 1
11061 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-DIAMOND FISH-20.25X2.5 5'10       605 1
11075 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-DIAMOND FISH-20.38X2.56 5'11       605 1
78773 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-WHITE DIAMOND-19.75X2.25 5'6       605 1
78783 ROBERTS SURFBOARDS SFBD-DIAMOND FISH-20X2.44 5'8       605 1

Also make sure and checkout the other 400 surfboards in stock at the link below!!!!

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