Try Before You Buy

This is the first time I’ve been on a ski trip in two decades without my own skis. Mine got sold in a snap last fall at theHansen Surfboards Ski & Swap Sale.

We just arrived at Whistler, snow is expected, and after getting our lift passes, I headed to the Salomon pro shop to get outfitted with my gear. I was blown away by how many choices in skis I have for the next few days, and already, I was trying to figure out how to test them all out without cutting into my ski time.

How convenient is this? Hassle free flying because I’m not bulked down by my heavy ski bag, I get to demo whatever I want on the mountain, leave the skis here, then I can come back to San Diego and buy my sticks at Hansen Surfboards with the expert advice of Ken. (He knows everything about skis, snowboards and snow gear, and it’s on sale now!). The best part about buying skis this way is that you know for sure that you’re getting skis that are right for you.  I’ve always bought my skis this way, but it’s been because I’ve trashed my skis on the mountain, been forced to demo while on a trip, then I’ve ended up finding something I like and I’ve bought what I’ve tried out.

So check out what I got. Some real chick stix. The Salomon Lady, which Salomon describes as an “All-mountain freeride ski for women who ski equal amounts on and off piste.”

These skis have my name all over them!