Non-Stop Flights to Mammoth from San Diego… Finally a Reality!!

Grab your boards and skis and head to Lindbergh Field because it’s official: non-stop daily flights are finally taking off to Mammoth!

That’s right!

Now you can forget about long, boring road trips for epic snow.  Flights to Mammoth leave at 7:40 a.m. daily by United Express (operated by SkyWest Airlines) and arrive at Mammoth at 9 a.m.

For those not familiar with Mammoth Mountain ski resort, it’s a quick, 15-minute drive from the Mammoth Lakes-Yosemite airport.  The return flight leaves Mammoth at 3:41 p.m. and arrives at Lindbergh shortly after 5 p.m.

That means you’re getting an almost a full day on the slopes each day you’re coming and going to Mammoth. SWEEEET!

This is huge news for those of us who have braved many long, boring six- to eight-hour junk food and caffeine fueled drives to Mammoth. I have to say six- to eight-hours for PC reasons: because it all depends on your driving habits. I’ve made it in record time and met a lot of California Highway Patrol officers who thought my Texas accent and reasons for speeding were “interesting” enough to get me out of plenty of citations.

In my defense though, eight hours of driving to Mammoth just doesn’t cut it. I’ve always found it so frustrating that such a fantastic ski resort as Mammoth is so close, yet so far way.

The Mammoth Lakes Town Council talked about this for years, well before the real estate boom that led to the development of The Village at Mammoth, and all the mountain improvements. The timeline for direct flights kept moving until everyone stopped believing it would ever happen.

Not anymore. It’s finally a reality, and I’m going online and booking a flight!