I can’t believe I waited this long to like UGGs!

I have a confession. And it’s almost embarrassing, especially because I’ve lived in Southern California for 23 years. I had never tried on a pair of UGG Australia Boots until last week. There. I said it.

I have a logical excuse. I truly thought the classic UGGs were ugly. Until I went to Hansen Surfboards and stepped into a pair. I really wish I hadn’t done that because it started a chain reaction.

UGG Lynnea BootS

I could blame it on Hansen Surfboards because they have the largest selection of UGG boots in North County San Diego, but I won’t.  Truth is, I wanted to check out the selection because I do PR for Hansen Surfboards and was working on a news release about it. I certainly can’t write about something I haven’t tried. I get really cold in the winter and I love the idea of UGG boots but I’ve never liked the way they look. I’ve always preferred cowboy boots, being the Texas girl that I am.

Hansen’s has more than 68 choices of UGG boots on display, including men’s, women’s and children’s. From a boot to a slipperwith bling, or without bling… and some really stylish designs. The stylish UGGs are really fashionable, and for me, this was the ticket to keeping warm.

I started by trying on the stylish UGGs. And then, it happened. The sales clerk brought out the Classic UGG boots and suggested I try those on. I just knew I’d hate them. After all, those were the boots I thought were a fashion faux pas. I tried on a black pair just to make fun of them. And then I got bummed out. Truly bummed because I fell in love. Right there. In front of the mirror, wearing those boots that I had sworn I’d never put on my feet.

I stood there looking at myself for the longest time, wearing those black mush boots and swooning. The clerk kept asking me if I was okay. And I kept raving, telling him I just couldn’t believe I took so long to cave.

Stepping into UGGs is like stepping into a cloud of warm fur that hugs you back. I finally got it. Who cares what they look like when they’re as warm and comfortable as UGGs?  I’m totally sold now and am thrilled to have a source like Hansen’s with so many style choices.  And come to think of it, my toes do get cold in my cowboy boots!

My favorite styles? The UGG Lynnea short boot with lamb fur lining that folds over the leather or suede leather boot that comes in brown or black. They have about a 2 ½” heel for a stylish look, especially with jeans tucked into them.  You can also unfold the lamb fur and wear boot cut jeans over them. And of course, the Classic. Who can go UGG shopping without picking up a pair of Classics?

Shopping hint: if you’re in the market for UGGs, but are fence sitting, don’t wait long. I’m told Hansen Surfboards sells out fast and well before Christmas because of their extensive selection. But please… let me get mine first!