Hello Everyone!! I am now a Brand Ambassador for Hansen Surf company! I am so excited for this oppourtunity! The first product that I tried out were a pair of Cobain Flip flops! OMG! I love them! they are so comfy and soft on your feet. I didn't have any dislikes about this product, they were comfy, not too high of a heel and they go great with everyday outfits. The Flip flops are pretty true to size, I wear an 8 and they fit perfect. They were super comfy, almost like I could sleep with them on! I would totally recommend these to anyone, I have had many of my friends try them on and they LOVE them! I would recommend them to an age group between 10-80 and my reason being, they are a perfect comfy sandal, anyone can wear them. I had no complaints on this product, and I will continue to buy Cobain's. These flip flops also helped my arch in my foot, it might be the way it is shaped in the middle, but they feel awesome. I wore them everywhere for about two weeks before writing this review, they did form to my feet quite fast. The straps on the front were very comfy and any size foot could fit, which is nice because normally there are small straps thats don’t allow enough room for you to even get the flip flop on.The sandal is very durable and believe you will have them around for a couple years.